About us

About us

The Fundacion para el Fomento de la Innovación Industrial (F2I2) is a private Foundation, which has been created by the Polytechnic University of Madrid through its rectorate, in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Energy, at the request of the E.T.S. of Industrial Engineers of said University. It was registered in the register of Private Teaching Foundations on July 8, 1993. It is a private entity created by public, non-profit organisation.

The foundation pursues the development of general interest, educational, research and cultural purposes, specifically:

To achieve its goals, the activity of the Foundation is specified in carrying out research and development work, tests, calibrations, advice, certification, inspection, expert reports and studies, training, in a large number of scientific and technical areas.

To unleash its activity, the Foundation has a large number of professionals of recognized prestige, adequate facilities and equipment framed in the different Laboratories and Departments

The laboratories of the Foundation hold different accreditations and recognitions, among which it is worth noting, at a national level, those granted by the Ministry of Industry, the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC), the Spanish Metrology Center (CEM) and at an international level, those granted by IECEE, and the Taiwan Homologation Authority, among others.

Its presence in different European and international forums in general (UNE, CIGRE, CEN/CENELEC, EUROLAB, etc.) demonstrates its vocation and updating with the rest of Europe and the industrialized countries.

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