Calibration in Low Voltage, Time and frequency, Optical

In addition to the high voltage calibration area, the Technology Center has ENAC accreditation, according to ISO 17025 for calibrations in other areas with unique capabilities in Spain on specific issues such as flicker meters or calibration in the optics area. The accredited areas are:

  • Electricity in direct current and low frequency.
  • Time and frequency.
  • Optics.

The calibrations are aimed at multiple clients:

  • Calibration, testing or quality assurance laboratories.
  • Conformity assessment bodies (for example inspection bodies, control bodies or technical vehicle inspection bodies).
  • Manufacturers, engineering companies or installation companies in the high voltage sector.
  • Manufacturers, engineering companies and SMEs from multiple industrial sectors.

Calibrated instruments

The main types of instruments calibrated by groups are detailed below:


Passive elements such as resistors, inductances and standard capacitors RLC measurement bridges DC current comparators Standard current transformers or current comparators. Multifunction electrical calibrators Zener and solid state voltage references High resolution digital multimeters (8 ½ digits). Electrical energy meters High ohmic value resistor standards

Instruments for test laboratories

Machine safety testers Flicker, harmonics and reference impedance testers for flicker tests Leakage current meters Capacitance and tangent-delta measuring bridges

Industrial calibration and quality control

Oscilloscopes up to 1 GHz bandwidth. Ammeters and kiloammeters. Power and energy, network and harmonic analysers Ballasts

Calibration for electrical installers

Harmonic and network analysers Differential and low voltage testers Loop impedance, step and touch voltage testers Megohmmeters, multimeters, tachometers, tellurometers, clamp meters and leak testers

Calibration in optical area

Light meters (illuminance meters) and luminance meters.