R+D+ i activities, studies and projects

LCOE performs specific studies of transients in high voltage electrical networks especially in the field of high voltage insulated cables with their connection to GIS and High Voltage overhead lines.

Transient Surge Studies / Very Fast Transient Measurements

The undergrounding of high voltage cables and their connection to GIS have created numerous problems of overvoltages and insulation faults.

LCOE performs specific transient studies of high voltage power networks especially in the field of high voltage insulated cables with their connection to GIS and high voltage overhead lines.

The studies are carried out using the ATP program and proprietary calculation tools, developed for the determination of overvoltages in high voltage cable screens connected in different configurations (cross-bonding, single-point with or without equipotential conductor).

The tools make it possible to configure any type of connection architecture between high-voltage cable screens, even when they are connected to overhead lines and GIS in order to be able to evaluate the most unfavorable conditions against different types of faults (substation fault, remote through-fault and siphon effect).

The tool is being used by designers of new isolated lines and existing lines. Situations such as the transition from overhead to subway line to cross a highway or substation exits through insulated cable are commonly simulated practical cases in order to choose the best solution.

ATP studies and field measurements have made it possible to model and predict the overvoltages that appear in order to control their effect through the proper selection of surge limiters and screen grounding.

Studies of overvoltages in cable screens.

  • Modeling and study of p.a.t. systems of insulated cables.
  • Studies in permanent and transitory regime.
  • Selection of voltage limiters.
  • Analysis of proposals to improve connections in cable screens.

Studies of overvoltages in GIS installations.

  • Modeling and study of overvoltages between GIS envelopes and insulated cable shields.
  • Studies in permanent and transitory regime.
  • Selection of GIS envelope voltage limiters.

Analysis and modeling of electrical systems. Isolation coordination studies.

  • Electric traction systems.
  • Studies of short-circuit and maneuvering regimes: temporary, transient and transient overvoltages of very high frequency.
  • Ferroresonance studies.

Modeling of components of electrical systems.

  • Development of advanced simulation models of insulated cables, transformers, GIS substations, lightning conductors.
  • Frequency and time domain modeling.