Metrology for future HV transmission: HV measuring techniques: course &workshop.

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High voltage and partial discharge test and measurement techniques are widely used in laboratory tests, for material qualification, on site tests for commissioning of HV installations and periodic verification tests of HV electrical insulation for maintenance or regulatory compliance.

The purposes of this course are to describe the classical principles of HV and PD tests and measurements, as well as the changes that international standardization bodies propose for the revisions of the corresponding IEC standards.


Training course (in Spanish, with simultaneous translation into English)

The training course will be explained in Spanish with slides in English and with simultaneous translation into English.

High Voltage Measurement Techniques, IEC 60060-1. Approved and reference measuring systems. IEC 60060-2 modifications. Universal measuring systems.

Laboratory PD Measuring systems in accordance with IEC 60270. Wideband and narrowband partial discharge methods. Calibration. Expected uncertainty of PD measurements in the laboratory.

Test Techniques, on site PD measurements: HF, VHF and UHF. Characterization and Qualification of PD measuring systems for insulation condition diagnosis, TS 62478.

High     Voltage testing, measurement and generation techniques in mobile laboratory: resonant generators, VLF, etc. Withstand voltage tests of cables and gas insulated systems, IEC 60060-3.

Visit to the High Voltage Laboratory. Presentation of 2.4 MV impulse generators, power frequency 1 MV (50 Hz), HVDC 800 kV (1.4 MV), Universal measuring system. Synthetic PD Calibrator for the Qualification of PD Analysers.

Workshop (in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish)

  • WP1: UHVDC calibration and testing.
  • WP2: Lightning impulse voltage calibrations for UHV testing.
  • Poster session.
  • WP3: Voltage dependence at HVAC.
  • WP4: Metrology for HVDC grid condition monitoring.

Addressed To

  • Laboratory technicians,
  • Inspectors of high voltage material.
  • Technicians of assessment bodies in charge of on-site tests using mobile HV generators or PD meters.
  • High Voltage electricians and engineers involved with HV projects and design.
  • Metrologists, teaching staff and professional specialists in HV electrical measurements.
  • Technicians from TSO and DSO related to commissioning and HV testing.
  • Maintenance and standardization personnel in the field of HV.
  • Technicians working in product standardization or specification in the field of HV.
  • Manufacturers of HV electrical equipment.
  • Manufacturers of measuring systems for HV laboratories, mobile laboratories and HV monitoring systems.
  • Independent consultants.
  • Anyone who want to know the new metrological developments of future HVDC networks.